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Tarot reading

Crystal ball reading

Coffee reading

Aura & Chakra reading

Psychic reading

Tarot Reading


Tarot itself is derived from two Egyptian words, Tar, meaning "road," and Ro, meaning "royal." Thus, the Tarot constitutes the royal road to wisdom. Life is a journey Receiving a tarot card reading is an intuitive and mystical experience that can help us better understand, navigate and be successful as we travel through the spiritual, emotional, and physical world. The Tarot, through its deeply symbolic imagery, works like a magic mirror reflecting back to us the answer to any life question; we gain insight into ourselves, our relationships, love life, health and business affairs.


Prices: £45 per hour     

Turkish coffee fortune telling. Heart sy
Coffee & Candle reading


Common in the east, the person drinks a cup of traditionally prepared coffee; the insight is gained by reading the markings and patterns left by the coffee at the bottom of the cup.


Candle Reading: Candle reading is an ancient Russian/ Siberian technique. It is the art of reading the pattern in the melting wax of a candle. The tears of burning candle shows patterns that they have been formed under the influence of your question, your magnetic field and your energy. The pattern can convey messages from one’s unconsciousness mind or the core of ones being. Price: £45 per hour

Crystal ball Reading


The art of looking into a reflective surface, such as a mirror, water, or a quartz crystal ball, to gain mystical insight.

Psychic with Crystal Ball and tarot card
Mystic ritual with tarot cards, vintage
Amulets for Protection 
& Good Luck Charms


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Aura & Chakras Reading


Years of spiritual practices and experience allows me to psychically view the auric field of another person and receive clairvoyant information about the health and functioning of the various chakras and ones overall energetic system. Aura reading is a powerful and accurate method that can bring ones awareness to areas of blockage or imbalance. 

Price: £45 per hour

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