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Shamanic healing

Past life regression therapy  

Negative energy & entity removal

Shamanic Healing


Shamanic healing is a holistic form of energy work that approaches a person in their totality; as a microcosm of the universe. Powerful universal and cosmic energies are harnessed and directed to restore harmony and balance between physical, psychic, emotional, and subtle energetic systems. The result is a profound healing on all levels of our being.


£70 per hour

Black candles with skulls, rose mirror,
Negative Energy & Entity Removal


What are entities? They are beings with lower vibrational frequency. They enter to their host body and feed off the human energy field. They suck the vital energy of their host.

There are many different kind of entities like astral parasites, demons and ghosts.

There are many signs and symptoms of entity attachments. The following are some of the symptoms:


Insomnia, nightmares, anxiety, fear, depression and

obsessive behaviours.

Drug addiction, alcoholism, eating disorder, self mutilation, suicidal thoughts and outbursts of emotions especially anger and hatred and...


Do you feel something drain your energy?

Do you feel an entity is attached to you?

Contact me...

Price: £80 Per Hour

Deepack Chopra: 


When we connect to the infinite source of wisdom within, creative new ideas, opportunities, and healing spontaneously unfold.

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Past Life Regression Therapy 


What is Past life regression therapy? Past life regression therapy is a technique to recover the memories of past lives or incarnations. Past-life regression is typically undertaken either in pursuit of a spiritual experience, or in a psychotherapeutic setting.

The technique used during past-life regression involves the subject answering a series of questions under very relaxed meditative state of mind to reveal identity and events of alleged past lives.




£70 per hour

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